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Ready Mix Concrete  
Project Description
The project envisages setting up of a unit manufacture Ready Mix Concrete for Construction.
Ready – Mix Concrete (RMC) is a concrete, pre-mixed in designed proportions under strict quality control, and delivered to construction sites for ready use in construction elements and structures. When it is supplied at site, it is of desirable quality, freshly mixed, and meets the standard specifications. Transportation of RMC of the site is done in a transit mixer – a special purpose lorry, which has a revolving mixer to keep the mass within from solidifying.
As per the Indian Standard IS: 4926 – 1976 (re-affirmed 1999) RMC is defined as “Concrete delivered at site or into the purchaser’s vehicle in a plastic condition and required no further treatment before being placed in  the position in which it is to set and harden”.

The basic properties of RMC, depending upon the mix proportion, include:

Workability of concrete
Strength of concrete
Durability of concrete
RMC is suitable for large construction projects like dams, canals, large housing/ commercial projects, industrial structures as well as small and medium projects. It can be used by even small one item consumers.
Advantages of RMC vis-à-vis on site concrete
Consistent quality of concrete is obtained.
Increased speed of construction.
Reduces storage of cement and other materials at site.
Reduced labor requirement at site.
Possibility of documentation of mix design.
Reduction in wastage of raw materials (cement, etc.) site.
Environment friendly product.
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